YounJoo - Piano

YounJoo, a multifaceted pianist, keyboard player, and composer, skillfully blends blues, pop, rock, gospel, classical, R&B, and funk in both her studio recordings and captivating live shows.

She studied Jazz/contemporary piano at Vancouver Community College, where she received numerous teaching & performance awards.

At Colourstrings Conservatory of Music, her teaching style is not just about creating musicians; it's about nurturing individuals who will carry their love for music with them throughout their lives.

YounJoo is all about helping our students uncover the pure magic of music and find their own musical groove. She's got a passion for music, ability to individualize lessons to each student's style, and a perfect balance of theory and hands-on practice. Plus, she's patient and understanding, making learning music a breeze."


Vancouver Community College
Recipient of the Diploma in Jazz & Contemporary Piano
Bachelor of Arts in Child Study