Why Choose Colourstrings Conservatory of Music?


🎺 Dedication to True Musicianship 🎼

"Colourstrings provides a innovative Kodaly-inspired music curriculum guiding children seamlessly from playful exploration to music literacy and onto instrumental lessons. Age-specific classes integrate multi-sensory experiences such as singing, instrument play, creative movement, and listening games. Expert musicians with specialist training lead children from sounds to symbols, imitation to improvisation – from the simplest to the most advanced musicianship. Imaginative games, parachutes and world instruments bring the music alive! 🎶🎹 "

What sets our Music & Movement program apart is our unyielding dedication to music reading & literacy, fortified by more than two decades of unwavering commitment. We've honed our fun & engaging curriculum to ensure that every moment in our classes propels your child toward the ultimate goal: not just musical proficiency but the profound art of true musicianship. 🎶🎹

🎵 Nurturing Musical Prowess for Over 20 Years 🎻

As your child grows, so does their musical prowess under our care. Our program is meticulously designed to cultivate a robust musical foundation, taking your child on an exhilarating journey through music reading, writing, and ear training. These fundamental skills are the building blocks of musical comprehension, paving the way for a lifetime of boundless musical creativity.

Join us on this harmonious journey, where music reading and musicianship are the stepping stones to a future filled with the joy of playing instruments or singing in the choir.

🌟Music Education: Our programs go beyond teaching musical techniques. We cultivate a deep appreciation for music as an art form, enriching students' lives beyond the classroom.

🌟Professional Instructors: Our team of dedicated professional musicians, and experienced music educators are passionate about nurturing talent and guiding students towards their full musical potential. 

🌟Individualized Learning: We recognize that every student is unique. Our flexible approach ensures that each learner progresses at their own pace, fostering a lifelong love for music.

🌟Community and Collaboration: At Colourstrings, we foster a sense of community among students. Collaborative experiences, such as group performances and ensemble opportunities, enhance the learning journey.

🌟Proven Results: Over the years, we've seen countless students blossom into accomplished musicians. Many of our faculty & alumni have pursued successful journeys into music, a testament to the quality of our education.

About Colourstrings Conservatory of Music

At Colourstrings Conservatory of Music, we're dedicated to providing innovative and child-centered music education in Vancouver, Canada. Founded by Laura Hasthorpe, an accomplished musician with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Certificate of Postgraduate Studies in performance from the Royal Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow, Scotland, we've been a trusted institution for over two decades.

Laura's journey in music education has been enriched with numerous prizes and scholarships, including an opportunity to continue her postgraduate studies under the guidance of the world-renowned Gerald Stanick at UBC, Canada.

As a Certified Music Specialist for over 20 years, Laura is the Director of the Colourstrings Conservatory. She's also a Certified Early Childhood Music Specialist, having introduced the Colourstrings method to Vancouver in 2004.

Our Approach to Music Education

Colourstrings Conservatory of Music offers a unique approach to music education, drawing inspiration from the best of various renowned music-learning methods, including Kodály, Orff, and Dalcroze. Our programs cater to children aged 0 to 18+ years, ensuring that every age group finds a tailored and enriching musical experience.  Read OUR STORY here for more information