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Children choose their instrument themselves after exposure to the various instruments in the music and movement program. Choice of instrument is a very personal thing and the correct choice increases motivation to practice and greatly helps the learning process.

Weekly one-to-one lessons are supplemented by a group class. 
Apart from the fact that children love meeting other children and enjoy making music together, group lessons provide wonderful opportunities for cross learning. 

Group classes also develop musicianship skills that are essential to all musicians. Understanding how music works, from the inside out, gives deeper insight into the music we perform or listen to, and allows us to play with greater understanding and more musical awareness. 

Performance Opportunities

Fundamental to the Colourstrings approach is providing the children with lots of opportunities to perform and share their music-making with others. We have regular concerts in which everyone, even in the earliest stages of learning an instrument, is invited to perform in a warm, positive atmosphere to friends and family, both individually and as part of a group.

Who is a good musician?
The composer Robert Schumann stated that a good musician should have:

“a well trained ear, a well trained hand, a well trained intellect and a well trained heart”

The multi sensory approach used in Colourstrings instrumental training ensures that the musical, technical, intellectual and emotional capabilities of the child are developed simultaneously.