Halle Paton B.Mus Comp.

Halle Paton B.Mus Comp.

Halle first began taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and has continued playing ever since. After graduating from high school where she played french horn in her school’s Senior Wind Ensemble, music was the one thing she felt she couldn’t leave behind, thus she began studying as a composition major and jazz piano minor in Vancouver Community College’s music program. 

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Music Composition, Halle had the opportunity to study with many wonderful professors and learned the importance of having great teachers.

Teaching Piano 

Halle’s primary focus as a teacher is on instilling the love of music in her students. She fully believes that she would not be pursuing music herself had she not been shown so much support, patience, and passion during her own musical journey and thus she aims to pay that forward to her students.

While she values the importance of learning technique and skills such as ear training, sight reading, and rhythm studies, she also believes there is equal value in having fun learning music and learning to write and play your own music or learning to play your favourite songs.