Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT FOR: 129 East 8th Ave 


“The goal of this CODE OF CONDUCT is to establish a Safe, Caring, and Orderly School, for all that attend. Both in class, outside before you come in and also online".

Please understand that respect is the most important governing factor. Respect for children, parents, instructors, administrators, fellow students, the studio space, and oneself. “

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: At Colourstrings we expect all teachers, assistants, parents, students, family members, caregivers and visitors in our facility to abide by the following Code of Conduct. 

All Colourstrings teachers, attendees and their families should be mindful of the following:

Arrive to class on time with all appropriate materials, ideally 5-10 minutes early

Nothing but respectful, appropriate language & behaviour from everyone, at all times

To report freely any concerns or incidents to a teacher or administrator 

To respect for the classroom enviroment & learning process

Home Practise: Singing and listening to music is always encouraged at home, as you progress through our music literacy program there will be some home practise required to keep up a good knowledge of content. All Instrumental and Choir students are required to practise every week to progress and feel comfortable with the content.

Studio & Classroom Management: It is the understanding that your child may need appropriate physical and/ or verbal assistance for the musical activities they are engaging in. For example: playing instruments, clapping, tapping a beat, dancing, completing physical tasks, appropriate washroom assistance, depending on age. 

Communication: Having open discussions with teachers and staff at appropriate times is key to understanding and learning within the school. We encourage constructive discussion regarding any matters that may come up in the school. Please find an appropriate time to speak or email your teacher or the admin.

COVID-19 :
To follow any directives that are put in place by the school or teachers.

Thank you & Welcome
Laura Hasthorpe - Director of Music

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