Online Classes & Zoom Policy

Safeguarding policy (students under 18):


  1. A parent/guardian’s email/ computer account must be used unless the parent/guardian gives express permission via for the child to use their own.
  2. I will email a link and password for the ZOOM meeting to you before the lesson.
  3. Online contact with child to be made at a time pre-arranged by the parent/guardian, and for lessons only.
  4. The parents and child must be dressed appropriately for a class.
  5. An adult should be nearby at all times (not necessarily in the room).
  6. The door to the room should not be shut.
  7. The instrument/ camera should not be set up in a bedroom. If this is the only option, please make sure you have an appropriate camera angle and chair set up.
  8. Parts of the lesson may be recorded for learning/practice purposes only.
  9. Parents of younger students (8 yo and below)
    Please be present for each lesson to help with any technical problems or physical placement of hardware.
  10. 10. When registering you register you automatically agree to the stipulations of this policy before online lessons commence.


Setting up before the call:


  • Tablet/ iPad/ Smartphone/ Laptop with built-in camera OR webcam 
    • ZOOM app downloaded (See software setup below)
  • Good lighting on hands and face 
    • Avoid lighting that shines into the camera lens
  • No distractions in the room (TV off, no eating at the same time as the lesson, etc.) 
  • Device angled such that the hands and keys can be seen clearly.


Software set-up:

  1. Download Zoom app (It’s FREE!) and set up a profile using PARENT email address.
  1. Add me as a contact using the email address:
    1. (go into “contacts” and then use the + button).
  2. I will email a link and password for the meeting to you before the lesson
  3. A few minutes before the scheduled time for a lesson, click on the link to open Zoom and click “Join”.
  4. I will enter the waiting room and connect


Troubleshooting tips:

  • If you cannot see and/or hear me, use the “join audio” and “join video” buttons on the bottom left of the screen (this can also be automatically configured in Settings).