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1. CHOIR 2023/24 SEASON - ColourNotes Kids Choir (6 to 10yrs - all levels)

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Our one hour class & choir program includes a choir portion, taught by Choral Director, Risa Takahashi, and a musicianship lesson where students learn how to sing with good pitch, read music, and develop a good ear through musical games, as well as singing together. 

🎼📚 But that's not all! In our musicianship lesson, we'll dive into the art of singing with impeccable pitch, deciphering the language of musical notes, and honing your listening skills through delightful musical games. 🧐🎼

Academic Benefits, Confidence Building, Creativity, Cultural Enrichment, Cultural and Historical Awareness, Discipline, Emotional Expression, Lifelong Love of Music, Musical Skills Development, Sense of Achievement, Social Skills, Stress Reduction, Teamwork, Vocal Training