Coraline F

Teacher Coraline

Coraline grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, where she studied music at the Dalcroze Institute. She learned from internationally recognized Dalcroze eurhythmics professors and studied Solfege, piano, improvisation, voice, and eurhythmics

In 2007 Coraline moved to Canada and became active within the francophone community of Vancouver as one of the artistic directors of the choir Les Voix du Nord (currently named A Tout Choeur), a soprano soloist for the choir Les Echos du Pacifique, and a singer in the children's musical show "La petite fille aux alumettes" directed by Samuel Sixto.

In 2009 Coraline became Laura Hasthorpe’s Colourstrings assistant and trained to become a certified Colourstrings Music and Movement teacher, teaching in both French and English regularly at the Colourstrings Conservatory.

With a wealth of experience, Coraline incorporates Dalcroze’ philosophy and teaches children not only the foundational concepts of music, but also hopes to help her students create a lifelong friendship with music, using their voice, their body, and their imagination.

Join Coraline in her Colourstrings classes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays