Please Help with Franks Fund

Franks Fund 

In a small east coast village in the North of England, somewhere between the 70’s and 80’s, Lauras mum heather teaches music and drama. Her dad works in the local docks, an avid lover of a classic music of Sinatra , Tony Bennet and the impossible dream of Andy Williams. 

Laura takes on piano, art and eventually violin, her mum pulling the strings to get her to London for lessons. Frank her dad makes her dream and buys her her first viola to go and study at the Royal Academy of Music & drama in Scotland. 

Fast forward through the study, practice, work and playing of 90’s to 2004, Laura brings Colourstrings to Vancouver and we design, build and open our own independent school in 2014. 

Her dad is struck with a mysterious sudden illness in 2017, within 6 months Frank Hasthorpe would battle  a very rare case of ALS., but it would ultimately be the end of his dream in January 2018. 

Laura and Isla recording his favourite song at the school, for
Frank Hasthorpes' celebration of life. Thank you Paul Keeling for piano.

Frank had a wish to find a magic pill that would end ALS, he was certain, strong and brave until the end. Please help us continue to dream the impossible dream, we are asking for donations towards this fund to help find a cure, and also to start and continue all of our students dreams of a musical life. 


What will the donations be used for?
Please see below, for a list of why we are doing this : 

50% to ALS Society of BC to help -

  • find a cure here in BC
  • with medical support of patients
  • Support families with ALS
  • with home care 
  • Towards research
  • Raise awareness 

50% to Colourstrings Music to help

  • offer discounts
  • Buy materials 
  • Pay rent and tax increases
  • Buy & fix instruments 
  • Maintain and tune pianos 
  • Train teachers and staff
  • Ease operational fees

A small donation will help us bring music literacy, fun & joy and continue to make musical dreams come true for all families. 

Thank you for your support!

Dougie Stewart