Adult Choir Info

This choir is designed for adults who not only love to sing, but also wish to improve and develop their ability to read music. In this choir we will focus on the following: healthy vocal production, using solfege as a tool to better read and memorize repertoire, and most importantly, to discover the joy and sense of community that comes from creating beautiful music with others.

Each session will start with a 30-minute musicianship component where will will cover the basics of music theory, rhythm, and solfège. We then will spend the remaining hour focusing on choral repertoire, where we will put the skills used in the musicianship component into practice. There will be a concert at the end of August where we will have the opportunity to share our music with the public. Date and Location to be confirmed.

About the Director:

Hailing from Quesnel BC, Erin Sutton is a classically trained soprano, and is working towards the completion of her Bachelors of Music degree. Since coming to Vancouver, Erin has performed extensively both locally and throughout BC. Some of her credits include performing as a soloist with the West Coast Symphony Orchestra, and as a soloist and section leader with the Pacific Spirit choir, and West Vancouver United Church choir (2016-2018), as well as being a member of several other ensembles within Vancouver.

Erin has also worked with many young composers to perform premieres of their works. Erin has studied voice under Dory Hayley, where she has performed a broad range of classical repertoire including works from operas, oratorios, lieder, folk songs, and early music. In addition to performing, Erin is also a dedicated and passionate Voice, Choir, and Solfège instructor at Colourstrings Conservatory of Music.

What is solfège, and why do we use it?

Solfѐge is a method of learning music in which syllables (Do, Re, Mi) are applied to the notes within a key in order to better solidify their relationship to one another. This system helps tremendously with both the ability to read music, and the ability to retain and memorize it.

What kinds of music will we be learning?

The majority of the repertoire will be a mixture of classical and contemporary choral pieces with texts in a variety of languages. The exact repertoire however, will depend largely on the make-up of the voices in the choir and will be finalized after our first rehearsal.